Shamshad TV Channel

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Lemar TV Channel

Lemar TV Channel (meaning “Sun tv” in Pashto) is a television station based in Kabul, Afghanistan, which was founded in 2006. It is owned by MOBY Group. lemar-tv broadcasts news, shows, and entertainment programs to certain parts of the country. Its sister channels are Tolo TV, TOLOnews and FARSI1 (which is also owned by News […]

Tolo TV Channel

Tolo TV Channel (Persian: طلوع‎ – “Sunrise”) is a commercial television station operating in Afghanistan. Launched in October 2004 by MOBY Group .It became one of the first commercial stations in the country. Tolo-TV laid the foundation for an accessible media outlet by offering a large library of shows : like ( shabake khanda, Afghan Star […]