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Khurshid TV live

khurshid tv live
khurshid tv live

Khurshid TV live is a professional Afghan TV Channel in Kabul, Afghanistan.

They are a professional TV Channel located in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Khurshid TV channel was founded on the 22nd of February 2011. Their philosophy is to broadcast Afghan culture programs in all provinces of Afghanistan.

Khurshid TV Channel network means “sun”. The channel, like sunlight, aims to provide its audience with the enlightenment it needs for the improvement of the country.

Khurshid TV live plans to struggle to broadcast good programs in Afghan society, and also aims to try to solve people’s problems. It is a private TV Channel with a variety of possibilities for progress.

You can also watch Khurshid TV live in our Afghan TV Channels android and Afghan TV Channels ios applications.

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