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Ariana TV Live or Ariana Television Network (ATN) (Pashto: آریانا) is a private television network based in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Ehsan Bayat, an Afghan-American, founded Ariana Live TV ( ATN) .. Ehsan bayat is the (owner of Afghan Wireless Communication Company) in 2005 and started broadcasting internationally the following year.

Ariana Television Network (ATN) is a privately-owned Pashto-language television network headquartered in Kabul, Afghanistan. The network is known for its extensive coverage of current events, news, and cultural programming in Pashto, Dari, and English languages. ATN has played an important role in promoting media freedom and democracy in Afghanistan.


ATN was founded in 2005 by Ehsanollah Bayat, a prominent Afghan businessman and entrepreneur. Bayat, who had spent several years in the United States, saw the need for an independent media outlet that could provide unbiased news and information to the Afghan people. He invested heavily in building the network’s infrastructure and recruiting a team of talented journalists and media professionals.

In its early years, ATN faced many challenges, including government censorship, security threats, and financial constraints. However, the network persevered and gradually gained a reputation for its high-quality programming and commitment to journalistic integrity.


ATN offers a wide range of programming to its viewers, including news, sports, entertainment, and cultural shows. The network’s flagship news program, “ATN News,” is one of the most popular news programs in Afghanistan. The program features in-depth coverage of national and international news, as well as interviews with political leaders, experts, and opinion makers.

ATN also broadcasts a number of sports programs, including live coverage of cricket matches, soccer matches, and other sporting events. The network’s entertainment programs feature a mix of local and international content, including movies, dramas, and reality shows. In addition, ATN produces a range of cultural programming, showcasing the rich history and traditions of Afghanistan.


ATN has had a significant impact on Afghan society, particularly in the areas of media freedom and democracy. The network has been instrumental in promoting free and independent media in Afghanistan, which has been crucial to the country’s progress towards democracy.

ATN has also played an important role in promoting women’s rights and gender equality. The network has employed a large number of female journalists and media professionals, providing them with a platform to express their views and opinions.

In addition, ATN has been a source of inspiration and hope for the Afghan people, particularly in the face of the country’s ongoing security challenges. The network’s coverage of current events has helped to keep the public informed and engaged, even in the most difficult of circumstances.


Despite its many successes, ATN continues to face numerous challenges, particularly in the areas of security and financial sustainability. The network’s journalists and media professionals have faced numerous threats and attacks over the years, often for reporting on sensitive issues.

In addition, ATN has struggled to attract advertisers and generate revenue, which has made it difficult to invest in new technology and programming. The network has also faced increased competition from other media outlets, both within Afghanistan and from neighboring countries.


Despite these challenges, ATN remains committed to its mission of promoting media freedom and democracy in Afghanistan. The network has continued to invest in new technology and programming, and has expanded its reach to include a wider audience both within Afghanistan and abroad.

Looking ahead, ATN has identified several key priorities for the future, including improving its financial sustainability, expanding its programming, and increasing its focus on digital media. The network has also expressed a commitment to promoting greater diversity and inclusivity in its programming, particularly in relation to gender and minority groups.


Ariana Television Network (ATN) has emerged as one of the most important media outlets in Afghanistan, providing unbiased news and information to the Afghan people. The network has played a key role in promoting media freedom and democracy, and has been a source of inspiration and hope for the Afghan people, particularly in the face of ongoing security challenges. While ATN continues to face numerous challenges


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