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1tv live

1TV Live or Yak TV  (Yak meaning One in Dari Persian) is an Afghan privately owned commercial television channel.

1TV Live was launched in February many years ago . It is owned by Fahim Hashimy and is the primary functioning arm of the Kabul-based One Media organisation.

1TV was also broadcasting Shpagiza cricket league (Pashtoشپږيزه سيالۍ‎) also written as Shpageeza (means SIXES), which is a Twenty20 format cricket league where 5 different zone teams across Afghanistan participate for the title.

The league/tournament started in 2013 and from then it usually takes place every year.

The most recent edition is the Shpagiza (second edition) held in August/September 2014.

It is currently supervised by ACB Vice-President Dost Mohammad Nazari, who serves as the League’s chairman and Commissioner.

1TV is Afghanistan’s most popular news and entertainment television channel, and all of its programming is copyright protected. Its material may not be published or republished by anybody.

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