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Arezo TV live OR Arezo-tv ” تلویزیون آرزو ” made its first debut to Mazar-e-Sharif’s residents’ houses as a local television network on March twenty first, 2007.

The Arezo TV global network is an independent, not dependent to any political party in any respect .It was founded by Kamal Nabizada, an Afghan businessman.

Arzoo TV is a 24/7 network in Afghanistan that broadcasts various political, social, scientific , cultural programs, arts cinema and music. Also this channel broadcasts political, economic, regional sports, global news and special talks.

This network operates in various sections, such as: live broadcasts, online sections and social media for the citizens of Afghanistan. Accuracy, balance and impartiality of the standards and principles of choice is the norm in this global network. This is the reason that most people believe and trust what they want to publish.

Arezo TV with having the largest studios in Afghanistan and also to have more; journalists and professional staff in the field of production. Arezo TV is also one of the leading media production company in Afghanistan. .

Arzoo Network broadcasts in Persian, Pashto and Uzbek languages.

Noor Agha Sharifi is in charge of the global network.

You can also watch Arezo TV live in our Afghan TV Channels android and Afghan TV Channels ios applications.

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