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Lemar TV live (Pashto for “Sun TV”) is an Afghan television station situated in Kabul. The MOBY Group owns it. Lemar-tv is a television station that broadcasts news, shows, and entertainment to certain sections of the country.

Tolo TV live , TOLOnews live are its sister channels . Bandhan Saat Janamon Ka, Laagi Tujhse Lagan, and more Hindi serials are dubbed in Pashto on Lemar TV.

This is Afghanistan’s second-most-watched channel, with Ariana TV coming in third.

Lemar TV is one of the most popular Pashto channel and 4th most popular channel in Afghanistan. This channel launched on August 15, 2006 and has made a place in the minds and hearts of its viewers in a record time.

All content is produced locally or acquired globally and transmitted in Pashto.[1] It is a mix of entertainment, news and current affairs are widely respected for their apolitical tenor and resonance with Pashto-speaking audiences.

Enjoy your time with your favorite Afghan shows on LemarTV channel

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Beside these channels you can watch other Afghan TV Channels in our website : Tolo TV Live , lemar TV live, Shamshad TV Live , Khurshid tv live and many more..

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