RTA Sports Live

rta sports live

Watch RTA Sports live , RTA Sports Live is one of Afghanistan live TV channels where you can watch all Afghanistan crickets matches. National Radio Television Sports of Afghanistan which is also called (RTA Sports) is the public-broadcasting organization of Afghanistan, based in Kabul. This governmental organ has a national television station and a radio station as well as news media. Atiqullah Azizi is the current Director General since September 2021. There is also another Afghan live tv channels which is called RTA ( National Radio Television of Afghanistan ).

In RTA Sports live you can watch any type of sports that you want . It can be from Afghanistan or from outside Afghanistan sports , for example , cricket, football , volleyball , hockey and many more. Now a days this RTA Sports channel is popular because, they are broadcasting all Afghanistan domestic and international cricket matches.

In Afghanistan and around the world, national and international sporting events are held. RTA stands for Radio Television of Afghanistan, which is also known among Afghans as mili tv. It is an Afghan government or national channel.


  1. I am from UK and everytime I try to watch ite vs afg they say th person who makes this content doesn’t want to show.what is this I am sick of it

    1. Really Sorry for the inconvenience . There was some problem and it was fixed when you commented. Thanks for letting us know.

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