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Shamshad TV live ” شمشاد تلويزيون ” is a Afghan TV Channel satellite television station in Afghanistan.

The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day, providing educational, news, shows, dramas, and entertaining programs to both local areas of Afghanistan as well as other countries via satellite.

Shamshad TV is the top Pashto TV channel in Afghanistan, Providing TV shows, news ,comedy programs and political programs.

Shamshad TV broadcast area covers a large portion of the country where ethnic Pashtuns live and also covering isolated areas. Shamshad programs are mainly (85%) in Pashto language providing educational TV shows, news, family dramas, musical shows, comedy programs, children’s game shows, women empowerment programs, Islamic educational programs, political and current affairs programs, entertainment programs, sports programs, criminal incidents programs and entertaining programs to both local areas of Afghanistan as well as other countries via satellite, IPTV and local transmitters.

Shamshad is locally available in Kabul and Eastern provinces like Ningrahar and Konar. It also broadcast in Kunduz and Mazar e Sharif Northern zone of Afghanistan.

News is broadcast hourly in Pushto and Dari through China Global Television Network (CGTN) Pushto News and British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Pashto news.

Shamshad briefly broadcast to European and North American viewers in 2007.

Shamshad TV live is also available in Middle East, Central South & West Asia, Africa, Europe & Australia.

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